Decentralised Water Technologies for Sustainable Rural Communities

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Project Overview

The centralised model for water infrastructure established in the 19th century has served us well, but it comes with high energy, capital and maintenance costs that are not compatible with a global net-zero carbon and sustainable economy.

Dr Robbie is working on a project which seeks to create a future for off-grid water and wastewater biological treatment systems that operate with the ease, convenience and reliability of commercial domestic appliances (or community-scale versions of them).

Research Aims and Objectives

The project brings together 13 researchers from 4 different universities, with expertise in law, engineering and community engagement, to investigate de-centralised water technologies for sustainable rural communities. The project involves a number of case studies in Scotland and is supported by Scottish Water. Dr Robbie’s role is to investigate the legal and policy barriers to implementation of the sustainable de-centralised technologies developed over the course of the project, and provide recommendations for reform of the law.

Project Funding

This project is part of a £5.9m Programme Grant provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which will run from 2021-2026.

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