About the Scottish Civil Justice Hub

The Scottish Civil Justice Hub (SCJH) is a collaborative venture led by Glasgow University’s School of Law in collaboration with the Scottish Government’s Civil Law and Legal System Division.

The key aims of the Hub are to:

  • Produce internationally recognised research in the area of Scottish civil justice.
  • Provide a one-stop shop for all those interested in civil justice research, knowledge exchange and law and policy reform in Scotland.
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas between academics and policymakers working on civil justice, enabling the shaping of agendas, priorities and developments from both sides.
  • Link academic research with law and policymaking to produce shared benefits including the development of an evidence-base for policies that are delivered in practice, and a means of developing and recording the impacts of academic research.
  • Work with our user communities, including policymakers, civil society and the wider public, to improve access to and outcomes from the Scottish civil justice system.

Our Projects

Researchers within and beyond the School of Law are engaged in a wide range of research and knowledge exchange activities related to Scottish civil justice.

Through our work we are committed to investigating, monitoring and, where necessary, improving civil justice provisions, systems and processes in Scotland.

Our Projects section provides an overview of some of the work that is currently ongoing.

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