Civil Society and Brexit

Scottish Civil Justice Hub Projects

Project Overview

The Civil Society Brexit Project is a partnership between the Scottish Universities Legal Network on Europe (SULNE) and the Human Rights Consortium Scotland. It was established in the wake of the Brexit referendum result to provide expert information, advice and insight to third sector organisations in Scotland about the effects of Brexit on the areas in which they work and the expected impacts on their service users.

Research Aims and Objectives

The current phase of the project has two key aims:

  1. To create and disseminate accessible legal education on Brexit-related issues including the resulting constitutional change and impact on current devolution arrangements.
  2. To facilitate civil society collaboration to strengthen engagement with Brexit-related constitutional change.

Research Methods

The Project produces briefings, webinars, podcasts and blogs on its website. It is also provides expert advice in response to requests by civil society organisations, and holds training sessions and events throughout Scotland. The Project employs a wide array of research methods depending on the needs of the organisations with which they collaborate, ranging from desktop research on legal issues to social action and community organising.

Project Funding

The initial funding stream lasted from 2016 to 2019. Funding for the current phase of the project was awarded in 2019 and it will be completed by September 2022. Funding for both streams was provided by the Legal Education Foundation. Funding awarded: Phase 1 £104,000; Phase 2 £209,000.

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